X360: Sega Dreamcast 2.0?

Thanks, Brett, for sharing this hilarious article.

This is what happens when you hire the same guy to do the marketing!



  1. Amy said

    Hi Jenn, was going thru your blog when I noticed that you have Hep B. Have you heard about Hepar-P? It’s a biochemical treatment for Hep B. And no, I am not an agent or a distributor or anything of the kind. I just wanna help by telling others out there about the availability of diff treatments for this.

  2. jenntai said

    Thanks Amy. Doc says my Hep B is still manageable without treatment. Liver is still okay, so crossing fingers it remains that way!

  3. Amy said

    Hi Jen,
    Hepar P actually reverses the antigen and raising immunity (although you will never cured). By the time there is something wrong, it will be too late! I just found out abt my condition and am taking them – prevention is better than cure. Wish you all the best for your move – it must be scary!

  4. Hoo said

    Hi Amy,
    Thanks for your support.
    I’m one of the medical sales representatives of HEPAR-P.
    If you need more info about HEPAR-P, please log on to http://www.hepar-p.com.my
    We will update the website from time to time to provide latest progress about this product.
    We need more comment from you.
    If possible, contact me by email kfhoo79@hepar-p.com.my

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