Quitting work in three days

Come Friday, I will no longer be accorded the ultra-cool status of Gaming Magazine editor at GameAxis Malaysia.

Feeling a little melancholy because of that. No more amused yet slightly incredulous looks when I tell people what I do for a living, or hand out my name card. No more free games. No more lording over puny game reviewers and contributors.


The crunch these last few days is gonna be crazy, so don’t expect the insane ten posts a day I’ve gotten into the habit of doing recently. The Hubby and I have to be leaving for Seattle this Sunday on a last minute house-hunting trip for about a week. Exciting, but we’re leaving the kids here and I’m getting a little anxious about that. Sky is still a baby so she doesn’t really care, but Raeven didn’t sound too happy about it last week when we spoke to her, so we’re thinking of getting her a ticket using some FF points. Cutting it a bit close but I really don’t like the idea of leaving her here without us. She’s a sensitive kid.

Also, did you know that you have to TELL the LHDN that you’re married?! I didn’t. I called up the Ipoh branch yesterday to FINALLY move my file here (yea, 11th hour worker me) and they asked me if I want to move my husband’s file over as well. I told them my husband is originally FROM Selangor, so no need. Then they asked me for his file no., and THEN asked me why I didn’t inform them I was married (been filing separately still). I asked them, er, did I have to? They said well, technically no, but you have to put it in the form that you’re married. Then I looked at the return I filed last year. You have to put your spouse’s details on the third page, which I did, and I told them I did. But apparently, I have to EXPLICITLY call and tell them, “Hey, I’m getting married today! So please go ahead and merge our tax files…”.

So to the engaged and about to tie the knot: send a wedding invite to the LHDN. They might not come, but at least it takes care of that merging business.


  1. Frosty said

    *cry* *cry* *cry*

    Sob sob sob… Must make your MC run this Friday memorable.. But now you must make all the time for your preparation to US. Usually childrens are the most difficult to make them accept the moving. But then once they are there, they will forget about it very fast. Then you will be the one wondering how is Malaysia and missing the life here.

    See you online..

  2. kruy said

    all the best to you and your family in Seattle!

  3. cindy said

    Wuwuwu…. We gonna miss your crazy yet, easily-spread laugh definitely. However, we would be happy for your promotion though. Hehe…

    You gotta take more roti canai and teh tarik more regular these days. Else I bet you’ll miss it sooooo much!

    Hmm.. I’m wondering, will you post blog as much as now, as your permanent job won’t be having so much fun.

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