F.E.A.R, SDKed


In the grand tradition of games like Half-Life, F.E.A.R is now SDKed. VU games announced the first stage of its post-launch support via a press release last night. Here are the details:

…the F.E.A.R. SDK (Software Development Kit) allows consumers to create their own custom content for both single and multiplayer aspects of F.E.A.R. Also available now is the F.E.A.R. stand-alone server software for both Linux and Win32.

VU Games is also pleased to announce that as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the in-game experience for gamers, a deal has been signed to incorporate the Punkbuster Anti Cheat software into F.E.A.R. . Other updates planned for 2006 include additional multiplayer maps and game types, along with a ‘votekick’ option.

To download the SDK and server software, please visit www.fearfans.com.

For more information on PunkBuster, please visit www.punkbuster.com.

The SDK (version 1.02) is 84.7MB in size.

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