X360: Problems already?

Is anybody surprised?

Overheating, crashes, lockups, XBOX Live! issues are among the problems reported.

Shows why one should ALWAYS wait and not get on the “I got mine first!” wagon.

Also, Gamespot reports that Microsoft was actually losing US$126 per console when it got into the business in 2001. That amounted to “US$4 billion of red ink”. Now, Businessweek says that the company is again losing around US$125 per unit. The details are in the Gamespot report.

I remember asking someone in the business a year or so ago why MS was not supporting the console in terms of game sales in Malaysia. Piracy, was of course, the primary reason, because selling consoles is not about console sales. It’s about games sales. Parallel importing + piracy = makes no sense to do business here.

So it’s no rocket science why we don’t get no love here.


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