This morning, I woke up and during my coffee, decided to download some of the photos in my camera. Filing them by dates taken, I thought it would be a good idea to sort them out, but then wondered if I should do them later, see if I have anything more urgent waiting.

And then it hit me: I have NOTHING more urgent to do. Because I am officially jobless, as of yesterday, the 25th of November 2005.

For the first time in my life, I have TOTALLY no source of income. Last time, even when I’d gone freelancing full-time, I had like two jobs under my belt. Now, nothing. It feels SO weird. And scary.

But just means I get more time with kids, WoW and THIS:



No it’s not what you think it is. Although it really could be, but no.

It’s a handheld electric massager, courtesy of the folks in the office. Very thoughtful guys. I’m gonna probably need a transformer to hook it up in the States, but it is well worth it. I never knew it could feel SO good. Almost could double for that other thing.







  1. simmie said

    I don’t think you’ll need a transformer. It’s too bulky! You might need it if you bring US electronic items back to Malaysia.

    I suppose you’ll be bringing a few electronic items from home. It’s better to get the adapter. Cheaper too! I think it’s about RM10+ or less for one. Just go to any computer store or even the electronic section at Jaya Jusco and get the adapter. Look for the US outlet one. I saw some at the computer outlet store at Low Yat.

    I’ve been using the adapters for my laptop and electric toothbrush that I brought from home. No problems at all!

  2. simmie said

    ps. your handheld massager looks very suggestive! LOL

    Oh yeah, I was meaning to ask you how long are you and the family going to be in the States? Are you guys moving here for good?

  3. jenntai said


    We’re moving over for at least seven yearslah. See how things go, although I suspect we may totally love it there hehe.

    Hey thanks for the tip. We’re not bringing our large items there, just computers mainly. Can’t live without those, hehe.

  4. simmie said

    Jenn, trust me, you’ll love it here…dishwasher…clothes dryer….the cooling weather…SHOPPING!!! MUahahahahahah! Oh yeah, and food too! If you feel lonely, I’m just a phone call away 🙂

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