Leaving for Seattle…for a week

At the airport now, having a latte, logging in to check emails (despite knowing I’m NOT going to be getting many emails since I’m now a bum) and play WoW to basically wile away two hours before boarding.

Been a crazy weekend just trying to get our car sold and packing and trying to make sure everything is okay before we go off for a week. Already miss my two girls. We thought since this is just going to be a short trip, we’ll make it a sort-of second honeymoon cum trial run cum my orientation to Seattle (never been there).

Feelings: Excitement. Trepidation. Worry. Seems like there are a million things I’ve not written down for my mom and in-laws to follow. I know. I know. Like The Hubby says, who else is better to take care of our kids than them? Why should I worry?

I dunno. Maybe I just miss them so much already. Hugging them just now I really didn’t want to let go. I really am very lucky to have such beautiful little girls who bring so much joy to us.




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