Wasting time at Narita

After about seven hours, we finally arrived at Narita Airport, our stopover for nine hours en route to Seattle. Didn’t manage to sleep much because although JAL is comfortable, our plane was oddly very stuffy. The Hubby was sweating, getting cranky, drinking lots of Diet Coke to keep cool.

Narita brings back memories. I’ve been here once before when Lokes and I went for our honeymoon back in 2003. Nothing much has changed, except for the fact that we have more time to waste. So I took lots of pics.

Like these:

Sort of like those newfangled piss bowls for the ladies’ toilet which you ‘kungfu’ over, except this one’s right there on the floor. No platform. Not elevated. Almost put my foot in there too.

And then there are the ‘air towels’. Gotta love the Japanese-English. This thing kept blowing up my blouse as I leaned over to check my face. Didn’t want to lean over the basin and get myself wet. It’s not very practical to put this here, Narita designers.

The gratuitous loving couple pic. Notice the swollen face and eyes. Or is it just me?

More pics and updates when I become bored. Internet access here is dirt cheap. 500yen for 24 hours (about US$5 aka RM20).

p/s: Miss the kids so very much.


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  1. Eddy said

    Ciggies or choco please!


    We are dying here.

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