My first frost

I love Seattle.

And I’ve only been here two hours.

I’ve seen the pictures. I’ve watched the documentaries. But nothing quite prepares you for the experience of walking around in 0 degrees Celcius, white chilly air puffing from your nose and mouth as you speak. I am wearing like three layers of clothing over my ‘natural insulation’, and am still feeling cold.

Call me a country bumpkin, but this is simply amazing.

Seattle is covered in white. The trees are hues of brown, pink, orange and white. The grass is frosted over. So are cars which have been sitting out overnight. The town centre where our hotel is, is deserted.

Today’s milestones: Breathed chilly air. Drove a PT Cruiser out of the airport for like five minutes on the right side of the road (totally freaked out since I’ve not driven any other car but my Sorento since I got my lesen). Had breakfast of hashbrowns, pancakes and omelette at Denny’s in Bellevue. And right now, am roasting in the warmth of central heating at the Marriott Residence Inn at the heart of Redmond Town Centre, blogging for y’all. All the while wondering if the kids will be able to adjust to this weather. Of course, the husband is just ecstatic, walking around in just a shirt and jeans. He’s made of solid wood, I tell ya (all applying puns intended).

Some pics:

This will never happen in Malaysia. Check out the completely empty car-pool lane, for cars with >two people. It was unbelievable. I actually looked closely at all the cars we passed and they, sure enough, contained only drivers. Saw this in LA as well the last time.

And this might be home, if the price is right.

It’s a gated condo cluster right in the city, called Chelsea Square. Very pretty.

I’m exhausted. Gonna go take a nap. Lokes has gone for his meetings, poor thang. Gonna take a walk later and take more pics.

Wished the kids were here.




  1. snooki said

    you should try wearing a t-shirt and shorts….it is an unbelievable experience

  2. atti2de said

    yeah! I love how we enjoyed the car-pool lane and zoom pass the jam! Geez.. Bellevue does bring back memories. Check their cheesy popcorn and Bellevue Mall.

    Glad you’re enjoying yourselves. Will definitely visit you next yr!

    take care ya

  3. Asther said

    Glad you enjoy it so far. I’m excited for you two and the kids. Went up to visit your kids yesterday. Skyler was having her bath with grandma. Raeven refused to acknowledge me. Guess she’s forgotten who I was. 😦

  4. simmie said

    Seattle looks beautiful. The weather there looks lovely compared to where I’m at. Just take it easy and enjoy your trip there 🙂

  5. jenntai said

    hey guys!

    Snooks: you did that? I can’t even tahan with my layerslah!

    ‘Zel: Definitely! Seattle is so so beautiful. It’s like a dream here, girl!

    Sims: I thought it’d be already snowing where u are?

    Asther: Aww, maybe she’s just moody from us not being around sigh…

  6. simmie said

    Yes. It started snowing a few weeks back. We Just got a foot of snow this morning. The roads are so bad they closed the schools today! LOL!

  7. Ibod Catooga said

    Seattle is terrible. Too many people, weird people, no place to grow a garden and possible chipmunk attacks.

    I like to place Seattle in the toilet area of the world. I live there now and I hates it forever like a deadly fever and I cannot wait to leave and get my money back from this hole of butt.

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