The Burlington Coat Factory experience

Five coats (three big, two small), four bras, two blouses, one jeans, four little two-piece sets, one pair of sandals, one pair of gloves, one scarf.

All for USD353.

Yea, we went shopping, at the Burlington Coat Factory in Auburn. OMG. It’s those premium discount outlets at a place called the Supermall, and I shopped until Lokes literally dropped because he was so tired from not having slept (but he was the one who dragged me all the way out there in the first place).

The last time we did this was in Camarillo (thanks to your sis, ‘Zel!) and Pimm’s outside Vegas during our honeymoon. It’s not very safe, us, plus-size clothes for half the price and all. Who can resist sandals for US1.88?!

You’ve got stuff from all the Kleins: Anne, Calvin and some guy called Charles (!?). You’ve got J.Lo and DKNY. You’ve got Polo. I got this lovely Jones and New York hooded leather suede coat for USD80:

Situated in a district called Auburn 1.5 hours from Redmond (because we got lost trying to get there), Supermall is a cluster of ‘premium’ outlets, a name given to shops selling branded stuff for huge discounts. You have regular shops here as well but we never even STEPPED out of Burlington. Two hours later, shopping bags-laden, we were just too tired to go any further.

Ah well. 1.5 hours and all the stuff we got, was enough. By the time we were driving back, Lokes was falling asleep at the wheel (but would not let me drive!) and it was already dark out. Only 5.30pm and it looked like it was 8pm. So weird.

It’s now almost 8am on a wet and cold Tuesday morning. Brewed some coffee at our serviced apartment:

Oh yea, and the Christmas decorations have already gone up:

This is near our hotel. Lokes is going to be here to enjoy his first Christmas next month! So excited for him!

Okay, back to coffee and trying to wake the big man up for some breakie.




  1. simmie said

    Outlet malls are fun! The secret is shop day after Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s like the Boxing Day sales in UK. Oh yeah, do check out:

    Factory Stores at North Bend (461 South Fork Avenue SW North Bend, WA 98045)


    Seattle Premium Outlet (10600 Quil Ceda Blvd.Tulalip, WA 98271)

    They’re by the same group who owns Camarillo 🙂

  2. Asther said

    Oh boy! Guess the shopping thingy will be your new “pass-time” since you’re gona be a fulltime housewife, huh? Hehehe… Is Loke sweating yet? Hahaha…

  3. kruy said

    […] Who can resist sandals for US1.88?! […]

    haha… so true. that’s why i have doubled my wardrobe in just 2 years time in UK, it’s now even bigger than what i used to have in Malaysia. cos things here can get really cheap during sales, plus it’s good quality with a good name. a big thick sweater from GAP for £4.00, a vest from FCUK for £3.00, hard to resist the temptation… ;p

  4. ariel said

    try shopping in Ross, Marshall or Old navy. their stuff is even better than those in Burlington!!

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