TV ads still work

Thanks to an ad on TV today about RSV Protection, I’m taking my two girls in January to get their Synagis jabs since it will still be winter and that’s apparently RSV season. Skyler is a premature baby and thus, stands a high risk of not only getting this common infection, but it may become severe.

So glad I turned on the TV!



  1. Sui Lynn said

    Synargis is available in Malaysia. You might consider taking your kids to your paeds back in KL before flying them to the US.

  2. Asther said

    Gosh… is this a common problem in the U.S only?

  3. Jenn said

    I don’t think so but the ad says cold weather makes the virus more resilient (lives longer) and therefore a lot of people get sick during winter. Thing is the jab only lasts 30 days so I can’t have them take it too soon. Don’t know how much it costs as well…

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