House-hunting in Redmond and Dungeness Crabs

Sorry didn’t have the energy or mood to blog yesterday. Came home after 11pm yesterday having driven to Seattle city for dinner at this place called Elliott’s which is an oyster bar. I had the famous Dungeness crabs Lokes has been raving to me about for YEARS. So finally had the chance to taste them. Expensive (dinner came up to almost USD100) but yea, the crabs were heavenly:

Me, stuffing my face.

We also went house-hunting yesterday morning around Redmond, saw a few places:

This is 9200 Redmond Place. A little old but has good rating. Also reasonably priced and within vicinity of shops and other amenities.

This is Avignon, a new place and really very pretty. Thing is it’s in a really nice neighbourhood (just a road away from 9200). Pricey though and the units are small.

And this last one is Chelsea at the Square. The sales lady wasn’t very friendly though. And it’s EXPENSIVE! Looks older than Avignon but it’s right in Redmond town.

More houses today!


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  1. simmie said

    You gotta try Oceanaire. It’s pricey but they have crab cakes and oysters to die for 😛

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