I fell in love with Juanita Bay

It’s one more morning of house hunting again, but this time, we had an expert go with us. MS allocates a relocation specialist to help its staff relocate (yes, very considerate folks there) and today, we met our ‘new best friend’ for the next few months, a chap by the name of DJ Wheeler. Appropriate considering his job specs, doncha think? I didn’t think it was his real name, but it really is!

Anyway, we checked out Kirkland this time around, which is like the Bangsar of Seattle, and has about the same commute to MS Campus. The prices are slightly higher but according to DJ, they have better schools, which is one of the major factors for us in finding the right location.

We visited three places once again (but forgot to take ANY pictures!). The first, called Montebello, is a really lovely little hamlet of townhomes and flats, but we didn’t get to see any of the units because they were all full up. Perhaps tomorrow when Lokes has the whole day (gone for another meeting again).

Next, was the Avalon apartments at Juanita Bay, and my God, did I fall in love with that one. It’s a spanking new development in a New York-style exposed brick, street layout. The townhomes were a tad expensive (USD1800++!) but the apartments/flats, which were just as lovely, were just US$1399 (roughly 1,100sqft) with discount for the first year. The unit we saw, 314, had a view to die for from the dining room, which overlooked the park and beach which is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Lokes and I really liked this one.

The last is Aspen Creek, which after Avalon, looked slightly crappy. The girl who was attending to us there didn’t look at all interested in our business and brought us to a model unit, which DJ warned us would look totally different from the actual unit. Really, after Avalon, it all looked kinda sad.

Well, tomorrow’s another day of exploring for us. Thing is, we can’t close on anything until Lokes gets his bank account next month. According to DJ, prices kinda dip during the holidays because noone is moving. So it’s only wise to wait. For right now, Juanita Bay is lookin’ pretty good.

Also managed to do some more shopping today at Macy’s – for my underwear. Couldn’t find any the other day but found plenty today. USD20 for five pairs of Charter Club panties. Not too bad. For the rest our cold clothes, we’re gonna wait until after Christmas, where Lokes will be in charge of finding us some bar-GAINS!

Gonna go watch some more Court TV now. Luuuurve the trashy stuff.


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  1. Asther said

    Gosh… every one of them looks nice to me. Hehehe… Glad i’m not in your shoes. Else, I’ll have harder time to decide!!! Good luck dear…

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