Good to be home!

After 18 hours in between airports, bad airline food (and that’s sayin’ something since I happen to be one of those weirdos who likes ‘inflight cuisine’. So EVA Air food does suck) and sleeping in a 2X2X2 space, we’re back home in Malaysia. I practically ran up the condo to see our kids, never mind the 100 degrees and overstuffed bags. The way Skyler looked at me made me swear never to leave them again (Raeven was more interested in her toys).

Incidentally, we also came home on Lokes’ dad’s birthday, so we went out for some good old-fashioned big fry (tai chau). Had fried tofu with some really splendid Thai chilli sauce, gingery fish, salted fish pork, kangkung belacan and belacan fried chicken. Yum. I bet if we had the money to open a Peranakan food restaurant in Seattle, we would really mint!

Anyway, turned in real early last night at 8.30pm. Felt Raeven climb in in the middle of the night, something she hadn’t done in a while. Guess my little girl really misses her mommy.



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