Just say no

I’m just getting so tired of people ‘playing our feeling’. We’ve put our car on the market for two weeks and so far, have gotten more than a handful of people interested – if for a while. There have been more than one who’ve checked out our car, and then changed their minds after showing enthusiastic interest, and are not bothered to tell us that they’ve done just that, making us chase after them to put some money where their mouths were.

Is it so difficult to say you’re not interested? This isn’t a relationship, for goodness’ sake. It’s business! Dowan just say dowanlah. Not like it will cost you anything. At least we know to just move the hell on without wondering if you’re still interested.

Ish. Irritatingnye.



  1. Jasmine said

    Yep, it’s business. Dun wan just say it. Reminds me of my current experience. Just happened yesterday. One of my junior teammate, he’s junior here but has been working longer than I am and he’s a father of two kids. He joined the company last October with a 6 months contractor but he was always on EL or MC or not calling in at all. I could not train him well, as he’s always not in and not willing to learn nor take the initiative to. He self terminated himself yesterday by sending the team an auto mail set on the 1st Dec. What a moron coward. Didn’t even have the balls to include my manager in the loop. So irresponsible lah… what a waste of time training him.

  2. fara said

    malaysians. that’s why. we never say what we mean, and mean what we say.

    hi, was just bloghopping.

  3. Elisa said


    Your blog is really interesting. I was a Microsoft bride who moved here fresh a few years ago. We choose to live in Redmond, up near Woodinville.

    I haven’t sold a car throught the ads, but I have bought one. I find that exchanging as much information by phone as possible saves everyone a lot of time. I don’t go to see a car unless I have asked all my questions by phone and am just about ready to take it for a mechanic’s inspection. You might put on your list of questions: “Do you have the $7000 ready to purchase the car?” There may be other questions that can weed folks out. There is no sense wasting time with folks who don’t want to buy your car. If they want it, they may play hard to get, but if you wait, they will eventually come to you. Some of the folks who buy/sell classified are experts at sales. They will only buy to resell it. I would expect to spend several weeks waiting for the right buyer, if you want to get the best price. Consumer reports has some great free advice, both on buying and selling: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/used-cars.htm

    Well, in any case, looks like you are dealing with cultural differences. I have noticed a great many, East Coast/ West Coast of the US, coming from Washington DC. I imagine you will run into a few when dealing with folks who aren’t from Malaysia. Microsoft and Redmond are a wonderful cultural mix, which is why I love it!

    Good luck!

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