In the crunch

Gosh, I knew moving was a lot of work but getting one’s affairs in order is just a pain, to say the least. We took the whole day yesterday to try and settle our car with this one guy who’s just been yanking our chain for the longest time. I don’t rightly know what the HELL his problem is. He says he wants to buy the car but needs some time to come up with the money. It’s been freaking two weeks now and the sale hasn’t closed and he just refuses to give us the deposit, but keeps practically begging for us to sell him the car. What the fish. Anyway, yesterday was the last straw we just told him if he doesn’t come up with a cash desposit, we are moving on. Then he got angry and told us to go ahead. Some people are just plain weird.

And then we went to get our income tax files closed. Man, that’s another big mess. Some of the years we filed together didn’t really turn out because of some missing info and apparently, there are tons of things you can’t claim, like for instance, when they say ‘barang komputer’, it means just one PC and not the parts. This is ridiculous. People change parts all the time, every year. If you want to encourage people to be more tech-savvy by introducing such a rebate, then do it properlylah. This is just ridiculous. And the lady was going “oh, your file is giving us such a headache” over and over again throughout the one hour we were there, more so because we told her Lokes was leaving in a little over a week.

Wait. Was she indirectly asking for a bribe? What is the secret password here we don’t know about?

AAAAAnyway, it’s going to be a helluva week. We also have farewell dinners and lunches coming out of our noses, more of Lokes’ since he’s Mr Popular here. He’s going off 15/12 so we are TRULY in crunch mode here. Worse than work.

Which reminds me, btw: congrats Blake, who is officially taking over GameAxis Malaysia (if for a little while)! I really can’t think of anyone better, you know?

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