Time to grow up

Not many of us realise that a lot of the time, we behave like kids. We would deny it vehemently when someone accuses us of being childish, but oftentimes, we don’t even know what that means.

What do you mean I’m childish? What does ‘childish’ mean? That I get angry when hurt? That I tend to think of myself before others? That I want to win an argument, no matter the cost?

Don’t most adults do that?

Yes, when one thinks about it, it is hard to pin down just what it is, to be an adult. We may work in high power jobs, face daily bouts of intense stress, have children who rely on us for three square meals, parents who need us to care for them. Do these things make us adults, the ability to assume responsibility?

Or is growing up about the courage to be responsible for the difficult things in life, the mistakes that we make? Not paying our loans. Leaving our kids with maids or our parents in the name of ‘cari makan’. Neglecting our ageing parents. It is when these things come back to bite us, we ask ourselves, “How on earth did this happen? I thought I had everything under control. This cannot be happening.” But by then, it is too late. We will be bankrupt. Our children unrecognisable brats and runaways (or worse, exact replicas of us). And our hearts bloated with things we should’ve said to those who loved us, but have left us.

Too little too late, is the saying. These days, the lessons are always expensive because we have become more selfish. It is not until something disastrous happens, like floods or earthquakes, that we stop to assess our lives. Be thankful for even the smallest things. And grow up.

What does being an adult mean to you?




  1. L'elfe said

    It means tolerance towards others’ perceived weaknesses. It means learning not to be judgmental of others because matters of ethics and morality are often relative and not set in stone.

    It means the ability to see good in others and most of all, the ability to bring out the best in people.

  2. adriene said

    i think being an adult means putting people’s needs and the bigger picture above our own selfish or childish whims.

    thank u for the wordpress invite btw! much appreciated.


  3. Loke Uei said

    sometimes being an adult means you must look past the emotion and focus on the problem. being able to be objectively fair and not letting things get out of hand.

    being an adult also means the ability to forgive and truly forget, without holding grudges or prejudging someone.

    being an adult means you’d have to be all of this and to be able to be honest, open, and respectful.

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