Playing the DiD

DiD. Or Damsel in Distress, in full.

Yesterday, while waiting for Lokes to visit the ATM, I witnessed a rather disturbing sight. This girl, about 21, was walking with her boyfriend in SS2 near Glutton Square, when they had to cross a drain.

The girl, who was wearing a pair of shorts and those high-heeled sandals (chunky heel, not those precarious fine ones), refused to jump across perhaps for fear of damaging her shoes or her crotch or some ridiculous notion like that. Anyway, so the boyfriend led her by the hand to a small metal grate ‘bridge’ thingie nearby. She purse-whipped him and told him no, before putting her arms around him.

Yes, he had to carry her across the 2X3ft drain even though there was a bridge. In front of their two female and one male friends. A show? Damn straight.

If there is one thing that I absolutely cannot stand is the fact that some girls who insist on being just too girly.

These girls who wouldn’t go for PE because either they think getting sweaty is icky or that it’s just too much work getting out of their pinafores and into their PE clothes or that it’s just unbecoming to prance around in a field all morning.

The girls who stuff their faces at home so they won’t have to eat in front of their dates (or they eat AFTER the date).

Girls who think a man will feel more manly if they become more girly. Girls who are afraid of ANYTHING that will make them seem capable or strong or, God forbid, independent.

I totally understand that sometimes, a girl just wants to be treated like a lady. We like to feel pampered, appreciated, cared for. And that’s what SPAS are for. Admittedly, even I am impressed (and slightly envious-annoyed), when a man is exceptionally chivalric to his girl.

But COME. ON. To insist on being carried across a three-feet drain?! Are you seriously afraid of falling and drowning in a three-feet deep drain?! With NO water?


You don’t have to act all defenceless and helpless to ‘test’ your man if he loves you enough to carry you across a drain. Or that he IS man enough to carry you across a drain. If he can’t help take care of your kids or earn a decent enough living to NOT be a burden to his loved ones, it’s ALL. A. FUCKING. ACT!

Guys, it’s all well and good to WANT to be nice, but when it’s to put on an act for the benefit of your friends or hers, I would think about staying firm on that hand thing. Take it or leave it. Don’t be a princess. Or a wuss.

That’s what I say.



  1. teck said

    Haha, people young la, give them a break! But if it were me, I also cannot tahan chicks like that.

  2. Eddy said

    I used to have a girlfriend like that. How Ah Lian can a girl be?

    BTW, I dumped her…2 times.

  3. YUanWu said

    Wah, Eddy. You have to dump her twice? haha.
    Such charms you have.

  4. adriene said

    aiyo… what a sor h*i 😉

  5. Asther said


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