Top ten excuses to give up breastfeeding

1. Too difficult: Difficult is having to lug around powder, hot water and two-three bottles with you each time you go out, looking for clean, hot water when you did not bring any out (and then ending up NOT going out AT ALL eventually). Sure, you will still need to get out ONE bottle if you decide to bottle your breastmilk, but you can nurse in the car (if someone else is driving) all the way to your destination and back. And ANY hot water will do if you want to warm up your BM. Sure, there aren’t many places that have BF rooms but what’s wrong with nursing in a secluded corner? Unsightly? Leering idiots? Who cares?

Difficult is waking up in the middle of the night, walk to the kitchen, make formula nan-nan, when you can just pick up the baby, stick a boob out, and then go back to sleep.

Difficult is trying out all sorts of formula on your baby who’s purging or crapping out rocks because you can’t get it right. BM will NOT do that.

2. Breasts will droop. Your breasts will droop when you get older ANYWAY. Don’t be so fuckin’ vain. In any case, haven’t you heard of push-ups?

3. Today’s formula is already good enough for babies. Good enough, but not the best. For one, it will NOT keep illnesses out! Formula is made of substitutes such as cow’s milk or even coconut milk. It does NOT contain antibodies or enzymes, the ingredients babies need to help digestion and protect their little bodies. A little known fact is that when you are breastfeeding, even if you catch the flu, you will be protecting your little one from your illness when you continue breastfeeding. When my whole household kena-ed the flu during flu season last year, only little Skyler stayed flu-free. I even slipped some of my antibodies-rich BM into my three-year old Raeven’s milk to help her recover faster.

4. Going back to work already, how to nurse? When there is a will, there’s a way. Just admit it. You’re too damn lazy that you can’t walk to your car every three hours (or six, if you have your ‘engines’ properly started) to pump.

5. Not enough milk. There is NO SUCH THING. People can feed twins and triplets exclusively. Supply comes with demand. You can ‘trick’ your body into producing more breastmilk with a breastpump. I did that. Had HEAPS of milk, even though my baby was still in the hospital for two months and I did not have the benefit of co-sleeping to help with the production process. Even though every woman is different, a little willpower goes a long way. Just imagine if your doctor told you that your baby CANNOT take formula, must have BM. What will you do? That’s what my paed and the baby nutritionist told me because Sky was born two-months premature and had some respiratory complications. “Breastmilk will help her develop faster,” they told me. What’s a mom to do? Again, when there’s a will, there is a way. Most of the time, the problem is that both the mind and the body are not willing!

6. Can’t have proper sex because boobs leaking. Wear a sexy bra which lets you conceal a breastpad. Or get your husband used to the smell and taste of breastmilk. You can STILL be sexy when you’re lactating! If your husband finds it disgusting, your husband is not ready to be a father.

7. Too painful. Nonsense. After your nipples toughen, they ironically become softer and ‘spongier’, and miraculously, cause no pain at all. Make sure you moisturise, that’s all. I didn’t have to after two weeks. BM moisturises your nipples naturally!

8. Breastfed babies are too clingy. What kind of mother are you not to want your kid to need you?

9. Breastfeeding makes me fat! Please. I lost like 5kgs breastfeeding after my second. Sure, I could use to lose a few more and I wished I had. Don’t be ridiculous.

10. Okay, you got me. I’m a bad mother. A selfish bitch who prefers an elegant, detached and time-sharing approach to mothering that does not involve breastpads or ugly underwear or prattling relatives. Just let me die now! Nobody said you’re a bad mother and nobody said you shouldn’t make your own decisions. You SHOULD, however, make better decisions. From one mother who did not BF her first kid but did her second to you, who gave up before even trying, don’t make that mistake again. Breastfeeding can be the most fulfilling thing a mother can do for her infant simply because only you have that chance to give him/her something nobody else can. Don’t give it away just because of a few days of anxiety or a few anxious mothers/relatives!



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  1. nan said

    Way to go JennTai!Stick it to them!You’ll be amazed with excuses for not breastfeeding! These women are just LAZY,LAZY,IGNORANT,LAZY (still!),LAZY(still!!)

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