Where’s MY opportunity?

A good friend of mine called a while ago, asking how everything was. Jo’s hubby had just moved to San Francisco a month or so back, having gotten a job there with an auditing firm. Because of some visa hiccups, Jo is only going next year, even though she had already accepted an offer to work there as well.

It was a coincidence that Jo, a childhood friend of mine, and I are sharing the same fate. Well, almost the same fate. She will be going to US next year while her hubby is already there. Lokes will be leaving in two days’ time and we will be joining him next month. Okay, so San Francisco is not exactly Seattle (it’s so much more expensive there!) but really, for the first time ever, having chatted with Jo, I felt excited at the prospect of actually uprooting my life and starting anew in this land everyone seems to think is filled with opportunities and possibilities. Maybe it’s because at least ONE close friend of mine is there.

Speaking of this land of opportunities, I think about what will be in store for me, aside from diapers and school homework. Professionally, I don’t think there is much beyond stuffing envelopes and secretly creating marketing spam from home. Recreationally, I’m pretty sure I won’t need a cute gardener since I won’t actually HAVE a garden. So it’s been really scary-exciting for me rather than just raring to go.

Of course, there’s that book thing which Lokes thinks will make us rich. I am supposed to get cracking on my first novel, and I have absolutely NO idea what to write about. I don’t even know what to write an ESSAY about, really, much less a novel! Ten years of journalism and you’d think I’d have more to show for it. I don’t. Creative juices all gone. Dried up. Perhaps a few unremarkable stains remain to remind me how great I could’ve been.

Wallow, and then swallow.

There, that’s the last bit.

Perhaps I can. Perhaps I will. Who knows? Wax Candles may yet see literary fruition (private joke between me and the Hos, whom I know are still secretly reading the Days of the Mundane Lives of the Tans Through the Eyes of Jennifer Tai).

Welp, tomorrow’s the last of our farewell dinners (the biggest one, thrown by none other than our WoW friends and Lokes’ old kakis). A week of lunches and dinners is quite enough to see that Lokes will fare well in his new job!



  1. simmie said

    Since you’re going to be in the states for a next few years, you could consider going to school/college/uni. I think you’re eligible to study in the States on your visa. Since Lokes has a job, he could be your sponsor. Do find out if his employer reimburse/subsidize if you decided to go to school. My friend’s husband was on a H1 visa and his employer paid for my friend’s university fee. So, basically my friend got her Master’s for free!

    If not, take some part time classes at community ed (cooking, knitting, creative writing, arts & crafts) to kill time.

    I’m so envious of you! You don’t have to work and you get to spend so much time with your kids. I wish I had that much time with my family. I told myself if I weren’t working and had some moolah so spare, I’d go do my Master’s or culinary school! LOL!

    Bah, don’t mind my long posts. I’m just so happy and excited for you!! 🙂 Have a safe trip.

  2. adriene said

    a farewell toast to u fm my lil corner here!

    yeah, doing further studies sounds like a great idea. that’s what i would do if i had all that time to kill. it’d b fun! 😀

  3. Asther said

    Loke’s idea of the book is great. I know you’ll be able to come up with one, especially having so much time for yourself & with the kids. Mayb a novel indirectly connected to your kids? A children book? Hehehe… ;P

    The studying part is also another idea but unless you can handle the studying & taking care of your kids at the same time. But hey… If it’s FREE… go for it lar! You might never know how “Student Life” may give you a new perspective in life. A good mixture of studen-mother-wife kind of life. This may give you an idea for a novel?! ;D

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