53 bottles of hotel toiletries standing on the wall…

Finally, found some time and energy to clean out my personal stuff. When I say personal stuff, I mean my handbags, shoes, beauty stuff. I’d believed that I don’t really shop a lot, but guess what? I lied. Look at the amount of crap I’ve accumulated:

  • Five pairs of glasses, two of which are EXACTLY the same
  • Ten slightly dusty but otherwise intact free Cathay Pacific, Northwest, MAS etc toiletry bags (first-class, no less, from my globetrotting, journalist days).
  • About a dozen handbags, two of which are ALMOST the same
  • Two toiletries bags full of makeup. Some of the lipsticks date back to when matte earthy colours were all the rage. Remember?! OMG. Any chance they’re back in style again?!
  • Two shoe boxes of costume jewellery (including like 30 pairs of fake Swarovski crystal earrings nd silver hoops, wtf?!)
  • No less than THREE boxes of clothes I am trying very hard to get back into but am failing miserably since I have like NO willpower.
  • Two BIG (and I mean cigarette crates big – not cartons. CRATES.) boxes of shoes for ALL seasons and reasons.
  • One more box of hair stuff like clips, rubberbands, hairbands
  • Two plastic boxes of toiletries (including 53 bottles of free stuff from hotels, some of which I’m pretty sure have closed down)
  • Three plastic bags of rubbish JUST from our room from MY stuff. Alone.

Kill me now.


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  1. Asther said

    Gosh… the free stuffs toiletries thingy reminds me of Francis!!! He loves bringing back all the free-bies from hotels after a business trip! And I’ve to figure out how to get rid of them before they pile-up & overflow out of our bedroom!!!

    Hmmmm… come to think of it. My dad loves to do this too until one fine day my mum told him enough is enough! Hahaha…

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