No Christmas at the Tan House this year

It’s hard to walk into a mall or supermarket these days and not feel a little sad that I’m not all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and shopping for presents or booking a turkey this year. Usually, by this time, the tree would be up and I’d be planning what to cook for our annual family dinner, a tradition yours truly started not because I’m the only ‘Christian’ (in quotes because I don’t even go to church anymore. Ah well.), but because I just love festivals. Be it Xmas or Raya or CNY, I am always game for a little party at the house for family and friends. People just don’t do many of those anymore. I mean, how many friends and relatives do you even visit these days during these occasions? I’ve had to dig hard for an invite during Raya or Deepavali so much so my husband thinks I’m a little hard up, asking if this so-and-so has invited us YET for so-and-so a festival.

And we’re going to the States in a month. Who knows, perhaps we will be even more tight knit as Malaysians when we go over!

Anyway, so there will be no turkey or tree this year. Just mommy, her babies and old Blue Eyes.


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  1. Asther said

    We’re sorry for not being around this Christmas. Else, may do something small just to celebrate. We’re not putting up our tree this year also. Cos have to start packing to move to your place.

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