Had the most horrid nightmare last night.

Dreamt I was walking across a big drain where the grate grills were a little too far apart, and because Raeven didn’t want to hold my hand, she slipped and dropped like four, five storeys down into the rushing water. Thing was, I didn’t even jump in after her. And it was damn vivid. I saw her little body struggling in the current. It was the absolute worst feeling ever.

Woke up crying, saw my little girl sleeping next to me and hugged her.

Got snapped at but it was worth it.



  1. Asther said

    You need a break. Go out for a picnic or some fun activities with Raeven alone. Just for a couple of hours will do. You can leave Skyler with the grandparents during that few hours.

  2. June said

    It could be that you have been thinking a lot lately. I’ve been going through many night mares as well lately. Many say it’s because I’ve been thinking too much. Kinda true anyway. So, like how Asther mentioned, perhaps you need some time off from all your worries and packing. 🙂

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