I feel so awful.

The guy we were supposed to sell the car to, is now going through the reported floods up north. Didn’t even read the news until he told me.

Thing is, he still wants to buy the car but we’re just waiting for his loan to be approved. To rush him because we’re running out of time seems so insensitive, considering what he’s going through. He can’t get in touch with the bank he’s applied the loan at until the flood is being properly managed. And I can’t wait because there are two more buyers who want to buy the car if his loan doesn’t go through.

Should I wait? Should he be thinking about buying my car when he’s got a flood in his hands? Is he just being nice or should I just tell him it’s no obligation? I did sort of tell him that but he insists he wants to buy the car. What if he cannot get back to me in time before the two other players change their minds?

This is way more stressful than getting a magazine together.

And I feel so bad to be thinking about myself when there are people out there without a roof over their heads. Sigh…



  1. blog surfer said

    can tell me wat car it is?and how much u sellign for ?

  2. jenntai said

    Kia Sorento black 2.5 diesel (the fully imported version) RM110k

  3. Asther said

    I’m so sorry for you. I know it’s a really hard situation to be in but in my honest opinion, you’ll have to put priority into your need to sell the car. I’m sure if you communicate well with this guy, he’ll understand your situation. His life can still go on without the car. But your family needs to get this car SOLD very soon!

    Maybe tell this guy that you’ll wait until certain date. Meanwhile, talk to the other 2 interested parties & try to get a firm answer from them. It’s business after all.

    I’m sorry my dad hasn’t come back to me about his decision yet. He’s currently in Thailand & will be in KL on 26th Dec 05. Maybe he’ll see the car (if it’s not sold yet by then) & can decide on the spot.

    Good luck dear. I’ve sent the words around for you a couple of times but no feedback. 😦

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