Scold one, scold all

The other day, my one-year old Skyler, was throwing a tantrum in her play pen, which she absolutely detests. I was giving her words for being naughty, and my three-year-old Raeven, seeing that, goaded me on.

“Mei mei so naughty hor. I no naughty hor mommy?”

Angelic? Hardly. She IS a three-year old, after all.

As a result, I kena-ed her nicely as well. There was a look of utter disbelief and hurt in her eyes. She could not fathom that she, who did not start anything up, had gotten flak as well. Of course, the tears started flowing and pretty soon, I had two bawling kids in my hands. But you know what? Amid her tears, Raeven was telling her sister to keep quiet before I got even more mad.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

I simply told her, if mommy scolds one, mommy will scold all, don’t care who was naughty first. Doesn’t seem fair, but to prevent her from bullying her own sister, I would rather they work together towards a common goal – or rather, against one: Their mommy.

I’m sure there is a name for this sort of tactics in a military regiment.

I related this to my hubby over MSN.

“Where did you learn to do that?” he asked.

“I just realised lor, there and then,” I replied.

“Wow. You’re good,” he said.

I know, baby.


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  1. Mia said

    Jen, that sounds very logical. I’ll remember that when I have two babies.

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