He likes my England

I had been talking lately with this bank officer from Ambank in Perlis who’s working on my car buyer’s car loan (he passed me the number to help push for approval), and guess what? The guy is actually SMS-chatting me up!

A few days ago, when I asked him if at least we could find out if the loan is a go or not, he replied:

“I would approve him myself for you, but I’m just a small fry maa!”

Know any loan officers who are THAT friendly? This is certainly a first for me. All the officers I’ve known thus far have been as solemn as nuns on Good Friday (or other Christian occasions worthy of silent, sober contemplation).

Yesterday night, he SMSed me:

“I will brief you tomorrow what to do. BTW, if I may ask, what do you do in KL?”

A little taken aback, but I answer.

“I was a journalist until last month. Why?”

A few seconds later, this came:

“Your English is fine (fine? like wine?). Usually, i get broken English replies. Mag?”

I didn’t reply.

SeKAAli wanna talk dirty. As my friend Alex would say, hailat*.

I would do a lot of things to get my car sold? But flirting with 40-something bank officers is not one of them, sorry.

One has limits.


*Cantonese for “vagina dislodging”, a crude expression to signify bad news. Kinda like, “the sky is falling!”



  1. snooki said

    hailat = vagina dislodging hahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Shan said

    lol…. hailot oh….

    flirt la… once u get wats done… leave it. haha… girls alwiz hv the upper hand!

  3. jenntai said

    I WOULD flirt back, if not for the ‘old’ part. I draw the line at having to stroke geriatrics.

  4. adriene said

    wow, i never knew that that is what hailat means???

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