11th hour frustrations

So yesterday’s meetup with my car buyer was just futile. Turns out my self-composed authorisation letter isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Lokes still has to be around to sign off his car.

The good thing is, my buyer decided to change financiers, which was just ridiculous, but it buys us some time (although very, VERY little since we ARE shoving off on the 13th). He said Ambank’s 5% interest was too high. I mean, we spent two weeks chasing the guy. Don’t you ALREADY know 5% is high when you applied?

So he said he’s going with Public Bank now, which has approved one of his earlier applications for a CRV (85k), so there ALLEGEDLY shouldn’t be a problem. Still, the loan isn’t approved yet. And if there was, he would cover with cash. Here’s the clincher: He asked if we could sign away the car yesterday?!

It was a good thing the PB officer didn’t accept my signature. So now, we all can wait for the loan at PB to be approved before anything goes. So now, he’s coming back when my huisband is back. I just hope he doesn’t change his freakin’ mind after all the other prospects we gave up just to accommodate this one because of the floods up north (his house and office was affected). Lokes is only back for four days on the 9th.

And 10th is a holiday here!

Sigh. Back to not sleeping again.


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  1. adriene said

    sounds like a really packed few days u have there. wish u all the best and that everything will be smooth sailing.

    take care,

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