Invasion of the dream snatchers

Forgot about this until two minutes ago: I actually had a dream last night about working in an ad shoot, but in the last minute, we had to redo the whole storyboard for an instant soup that really tasted slow-cooker-brewed.

As the lead copywriter-cum-whatever you call the person who comes up with ad concepts, my ‘brilliant’ contribution was:

– mother buys a slow cooker for daughter so she can have soup
– daughter slaves over having to buy ingredients and then cooking the soup, which she enjoys
– friend comes back, sees that and prepares soup in five minutes
– daughter calls mom to tell her about the alleged equally nutitious five-minute soup
– closing shot: daughter keeps back slow cooker in the background, soup packs in fore.

My dream’s art director loved the pitch. Why, I have no idea, since that is an utterly unoriginal and boring idea.

AND a stupid dream. What a waste of sleep. What’s more bizarre is, I’ve never even worked on a TVC pitch OR an ad agency or as a copywriter, in my life!

Whose dream is that?!


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