Naked in the market

Had the weirdest dream yesterday, which I’m going to blame on my lack of sex since The Hubby has been away for a month.

I was a hundred years younger (and hence, a hundred pounds lighter), and my ex-colleague Nick (tall, cute advertising manager) and I were an item. We were living in a trailer that was parked right in the middle of a typical Malaysian wet market, and I decided to sunbathe with just a towel right at the vegetables section, with all the vendors hawking their wares around me (and they did not even bat an eyelid).

My sis and mom came cycling and my mom said to my sis as they slowed to a stop right in front of me:

“Wow, nice tan. She’s sunbathing naked. Again.”

And then I woke up.

If that isn’t bizarre, I don’t know what is.

Anyone can interprete dreams here?

Gonna go polish up my car today. Has a few scratches on the bumper that need glossing over. And then lunch with my girl friends before going for *drumroll* EYELASH LENGTHENING!!

Yea, I think that’s the vainest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Jo did it and boy, does hers look gorgeous, so she intro-ed us to this beauty place in Aman Suria. Gonna cost me RM80 for one time. Try and seelah. See if my hubby will notice when he comes back on Monday!

UPDATE===> Check out my new eyelashes!

I can’t even recognise my eyes!

It took a painstaking two hours to put on but worth every minute and every ringgit (RM88 intro offer, usual RM168). I actually had to go buy lenses because they poked into my glasses, and decided to get brown ones!

OMG! Look at me! A regular Tai Tai!

The shop is called Amante in the new Aman Suria shophouses next to Dataran Prima. Look for Maggie. Her work is just excellent, but you will have to book first ‘coz only three of them know how to do this, and they each only take two cases a day because it’s really painstaking work.

Call 0378034664 for an appointment!



  1. Mia said

    hey, let me know how they do that eyelash lengthening thingy when you’ve done it. I’ve stopped believing in them magic mascaras.

  2. Jasmine said

    How long will it last, Jen? It looks really great!!! 🙂 Bet you hubby will notice the diff..

  3. jenntai said

    Supposed to last one month if you take care of them. Avoid the eye area when soaping and washing, just use those wipes to clean and so on. It’s glue and silk so it will come off with force and time. Supposed to drop off one by one like real lashes

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