Away from keyboard (for a while)

This will be my last entry as today is the first day of our move to Seattle. The movers will come today in just a while, so they will be packing off my desktop.

So until I find another PC, adios muchachos for at least a month.

Cheers guy. Be good.

Turns out the supervisor said he will not pack the PC until Monday, seeing how miserable I am without it, so yay!

Feet are killing me so no mood to blog. Laterlah!


  1. LP said

    Have a safe trip and welcome to US.

  2. Charlene said

    Hey I’ll be moving to San Fran pretty soon too! Very excited! Anyway have a safe trip and enjoy Seattle yeah.

  3. jenntai said

    Hey, Ive got a friend moving there in June! Maybe you guys could hook up hehe.

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