Hello, from the Great Beyond

How’s that for drama?

Yes, my lovelies, I am blogging now from my new home. My PC has not arrived yet so I’m using the Internet centre (should I be spelling it ‘center’ instead now? God no!) at the management office of our townhome here at Avignon. Lovely 19-inch LCD flat panels. Free access. But I still miss my big old fella.

Talking about my desktop.

It does feel a bit like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Redmond is as beautiful as ever, albeit a little wet these days. Forecasts promise a dry spell after today, which is nice. I don’t mind the cold but the rain can get just a leeeetle uncomfortable.

Spent the last five days just getting the house together. Nothing as arrived yet, not even our air freight, so we’ve been shopping like no tomorrow, so much so a few of the cashiers at our preferred supermarket, Fred Meyer, know that we’ve been moving in.

The kids are still adjusting to the time difference, although Raeven synced last night, thank God. Skyler is still not sleeping through the night, which is a pain since I really need my sleep after a full day of house work! Exhausting, but I am motivated to finally find a way to get SOME exercise in.

Hey, if you think chasing after two toddlers isn’t exercise, you can kiss my ass.

So, how’s everyone been? 

ps. Thanks to everyone who went to the airport to send us off: Francis and Asther, for taking over our home so readily and helping us move! Jr and Lilian, for helping us lug our 101 pieces of luggage; Hazel, Darren and Ian; my girls – Jo, Fen, Sandy; Adrian – what a surprise; our family members and relatives. We already miss you.

Jo, see you soon!



  1. adriene said

    hapi movin 😀

  2. Raine said


    (I’m such a sucker for the camera!)

  3. Asther said

    Wonderful to hear that you’re all okay there.

    I’m going crazy with the moving amidst my 1001 things to do for my work & studies. PLUS the amount of time taken to sweet-talk, nag, threaten Loke’s brother to help with the moving.

    I thought since we’re moving, we can do some Spring Cleaning too! But Francis has this idea of literally MOVING EVERYTHING from this old apartment to yours!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!! All the dust, brokent pieces, junks… are included in his list!

    I’m losing my mind and several times I broke down & cried cos I’m not getting any compromising from him. I WISH his mom’s around to help me kick his butt! Time is so limited on my side as I’ll be away for a long time, so I wana get all things done, including making sure the new place is all cleaned up so I have a nice home to come back to, not some messed up junkyard!

  4. jenntai said

    Aiyorrr poor you Asther. I know exactly how you feel. I’ll tell u one thing: it’s no use trying to change them, especially now. All you can do is to just do what you can yourself. What I did was clean the stuff myself, and Lokes didn’t even know heh. Welcome to the family hehe!

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