Sleeping less in Seattle

So Skyler, my one-year old, is STILL not sleeping through the night, and I am verily at the end of my tether. Add to the move the different time zone AND the fact that my in-laws like to cuddle her to sleep instead of putting her IN bed before she actually falls asleep, my troubles are JUST beginning.

But I did catch up on some sleep this morning. Woke up at lunch time. Decadent or what? Don’t care what my MIL thinks, although she didn’t look too happy when I came down the stairs. Welp, if I don’t sleep, I will most probably drop the baby, and that won’t help anyone.

Tomorrow is my theory exam for my driving licence. Gotta cram up. Wish me luck!

Ps. For pictures, please go to The Hubby’s. Too much work on mine.




  1. Asther said

    So did you pass?!! Hehehe…

  2. Jennemede said

    Yeah I did!! now for the practical. 🙂

  3. Suk Fun said

    Just saw the kids’ pics….wow they really are bundled up!! Aiyo!
    How long does it take to put them on?? Musta been really stressful men!

    They do look cute, well done!

  4. jenntai said

    Oit oit! Yea, it’s a pain to go out Funy, but used to it liao hehe. They do look cute, don’t they?

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