Finding Raeven a school

How did everyone’s CNY go?

It was kinda depressing here. No red lanterns. No CNY songs which I lovvvee so much. No going home to BG and catching up with friends. But we did get together with some of Lokes’ Malaysian Chinese friends from MS yesterday night for a CNY dinner at a place called King’s. It was a typical eight-course Chinese dinner, but the portions were SO huge it might as well have fed three tables. Good? It was okay. The cold steamed chicken was a little odd, but otherwise, I enjoyed it. And it was the first time I ate REAL abalone too. Yea, lucky me.

So the crunch has officially begun. I am now in full school-finding mode for Raeven, my 3.5-year old. It feels good to finally be productive, somewhat.

I started emailing some private and co-ops (short for co-operative, where parents and teachers work together in a what is presumably a government-subsidised school) today and a few have rejected us since it’s already close to the start of some of the semesters, and all the classes are full up. Yea, it was alarming and I panic easily. Fortunately, I now have four on my list which did NOT reject us outright, not including a co-op which I understand is VERY hard to get into, but guess what? I just got an email from the registrar a minute ago, saying that they have a place for Raeven. And the school is just MINUTES away, so woohoo!

One of the potentials, called Cascadia, sounded a little expensive. How does a school SOUND expensive? The lady, who told me she’s a director, said that Cascadia Montessori is a school you consider only if you’re interested in sending your kid to private education throughout his/her primative years, right up to Grade 6 or something. She said something like, “If that is not the direction you have in mind, then Cascadia may not be the right school for you.” Well, *cough* exxxccuuusee me.

Back to the good news from the co-op. Basically, co-ops are the cheapest way to go ($65 a month for two days a week, versus $200+ for three days a week in a Montessori school) and even though I’m not an American, I have faith in the public school system since I am a product of public schooling back home in Malaysia. Also, I figured, this is the best way I can get out and make friends as well with other parents since I’m required to work one day a week at the school. Gosh, I feel brave!

I’m also going to see another school in a few hours’ time, called Bright Horizons, which is in Bellevue (much farther than the co-op), which has got some good reviews online. Wonder if it’s expensive though. Here’s hoping it’s not.

I also managed to find the girls a pediatrician, just to make sure their immunisations are up to speed. Going on Feb 8th.

Okay, gotta get ready for the appointment. Wish us luck!


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