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Made some new videos

Check out my daughters’ blogs 🙂


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Woodland Park Zoo

We visited Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo last Sunday.

Pictures at Flickr (click on the pic to go there!)

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Loose Change

Anyone watched this documentary yet? Amazing allegations, to be sure.

But not surprising. Beware: Loooong video.

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’nuff said and done

Someone asked me if I’d heard of the whole inappropriate European comic and Singaporean phone porn fiasco that people have been blogging about this last couple of weeks, ‘coz if I did, why hadn’t I posted my opinion on the matter.

And I’m not linking those either for the same reason.

I think enough has been said already and those who can’t stop talking or blogging about it are just traffic whoring, right (been waiting all YEAR to use that phrase LOL – c’mon lighten up. You can blog about anything you want!)?

I have other things to worry about, like trying to settle down in my new home, and wondering if my stuff’s okay at sea, and missing my friends and family back home in Malaysia. Minding my business, that is. There’s been enough over-reaction over both issues.

Truth be told, I did DO something about the comic. Just that it wasn’t on this blog. I emailed a certain someone about how I felt he should’ve handled the NST whole matter. He responded in kind. And that was that.

And that’s why my blog will never see the business end of WordPress’ fastest growing list or top blogs ever!


ps. For another perspective on the comic issue, read New Yorker’s The Talk of the Town comment called Images by Jane Kramer.

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Pulled pork and the BJ Shea Experience

So my Pulled Pork experiment was a success. Pulled Pork is just a name for very soft pork shoulder cooked slowly with onions and barbecue sauce in a crockpot for about ten hours. After that, you shred it to pieces and eat with bread and/or coleslaw. Used an recipe and it worked well. Yummy.

This morning, while fetching Lokes to the office, I turned on to my favorite morning show, the BJ Shea Morning Experience on 99.9 KISW. This bunch of burly guys are a hoot, great to give you that morning boost with a belly of laughs. Today, they were talking about drugs (again!) and this time, it’s because BJ went to Peru and did some ‘shrooms called the Teacher Plant or Ayahuasca.

Now the closest I’ve come to a chemical high is when I had my two girls and was given Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas to cope with labor. As a child, watching a neighbor poison himself with heroin in a communal outhouse, plus those Filem Negara ads, was enough to convince me that drugs were the devil.

But what about a natural plant high? Now that’s interesting.

After hearing BJ’s experience with Ayahuasca, which is just you imbibing this hallucigenic drink or a plant I think, and then experiencing visions (with no bad come-down after) about issues in your life (may be good or bad, depending on what affects you most I think), I wondered if after all this time, I would be game to try. How BJ described his experience was just amazing because he’d gone with his wife.

“I felt what it was like to be a woman,” he’d said in his show, amid an awkward silence, followed by the expected masculine jabbing by his crew. What BJ meant was that he’d felt how it was to be in his wife shoes, somehow, the pain she felt about the issues they had, and came out a better man who was a little more compassionate about his partner’s perspective on things and so on.

And apparently, this sort of learning and healing happens on a regular basis with these plants.

So I’m going to add one more thing to my list of things to do before I die:

4. Go to Peru for the Ayahuasca experience.

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I heart New Yorker

My first copy of my first real subscription of The New Yorker has arrived.

Lokes: What magazine is that?

Me: It’s the magazine you read if you want to write.


Oo, comics!

Slater, bitches.

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DDO: An update

So I started playing my preorder account, for real and not on the beta servers, yesterday. Created a rogue called Jennemede Swift on Thelanis (there are 14 servers up now). Here are some things I observed:

– they added a few things. For one, you can now see die rolls at the bottom right of your screen, above the focus orb. Quite nice.
– machine still freezes up despite turning everything off. What the hell is wrong? Anyone else is experiencing this? I use an ATI X800XT card and have updated all my drivers. Sent all the error reports to ATI already. Let’s hope they do something.
– discovered how you can lock on to a mob and auto-attack quickly. Auto-attack is toggled on/off each time you d-click, so when it’s on, all you have to do is press tab and you would’ve selected the target and attack (no need to frantically try and d-click on a mob in the heat of the moment).
– clipping problems: my gold fell into a wall and I couldn’t get it. Kena conned!
– DDO is NOT a game you solo so might as well get used to it. Very, VERY few of the quests/instances you can survive alone and Potions are expensive. And since regen can only be done in a tavern, it’s probably best to make friends. It’s D&D after all.
– playing a rogue is very fun, if you have high Spot and Search abilities, you get secret door/device messages. Hide and Move Silently lets you avoid mobs altogether if you’re good.
– Effective combat (versus efficient combat) requires practice and skill. And active participation. You can’t just auto-attack and go get a beer. Block and tumbles help you live longer.
– chat is still frustrating. /tell and /reply are all I’m using now. I still don’t know how to announce my WTS trade messages because there are only General, Party and Guild tabs, so I’m just vending all of it to NPCs for now. Blur man.
– you can complete, abandon and do the same quests again, although the XP will depreciate over each time you do it.

Anyone else playing, look me up. Thelanis, Jennemede Swift. See you online.

ps. See this story on DDO in the New York Times. Needs registration.

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