Breaking Lokes with Brokeback

As I mentioned the other day, Lokes and I went for a movie just last Friday, and the movie was Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain.

Not sure if some of you know, but Lokes is a homophobic through and through. He has nothing against gays but like so many super-straight men out there, he equates accepting homosexuality with admitting to it.

Which was why going with me for Brokeback Mountain was SUCH a big step for him. And I’m so proud of him. As he sat through the 1.5 hours of one decidedly disturbing sex scene and many tender moments (pun not intended), he’d held on tight to my hand, actually turning away when he could not take it, and as the show progressed, became a little numb.

My man was growing. Slowly coming out of his aged shell. It was a milestone.

Although he did come out with that silly smile on his face. You know, that look that’s usually on little boys who’d just seen something dirty for the first time and isn’t quite sure what to do about it? That look.

I’m not sure if he actually understood the point of the movie at the end, and since he’s not exactly someone you want to discuss gay love and all that with (nope, not ready for THAT yet), all we could talk about was that sex scene. And how difficult it was, to be straight AND act gay. I mean, not like they REALLY had the sex but can you imagine the kind of conditioning and preparation you had to go through JUST to set yourself up for that? I have to salute both Ledger and Gyllenhaal for that.

It was a good movie, and one that stayed with me for quite a few days, particularly the rather literal parts where the persecution took on a physical turn for the worse, and the end bits with the shirts in the closet. That really brought tears to my eyes.

Damn Ang Lee.

Now why can’t I write a screenplay like that?



  1. Kelantan Gal said

    Brokeback is a tear jerker. A really good love story, one that can speak to any heart that has loved, lost and loved again. It should win the Oscars.

    It is true what Ledger said in an interview… why should we be so concerned over how people love each other… we should be more concerned about how people choose to express violence.

  2. Asther said

    HAHAHAHA… BRAVO to Loke Uei! 😉

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