Raeven is going to co-op!

Yay! We finally settled on the co-op when Lokes and I visited the school today. It’s in the basement of a Methodist church, although the former has no affiliations with it, just renting space.

For the uninitiated, a cooperative preschool is one where parents and teachers ‘cooperate’ to take care of the kids, hence the word ‘cooperative’ (I think). I am required to work one day a week on the two days Raeven is there (every Thurs and Fri, from 9am to 11.30am). Costs only $65 a month (versus at least $400 for private education for the same amount of days, albeit longer hours) and we are thinking of registering her also for the next school year (Sept 06-June 07) for when she turns four.

It’s really interesting, how it works, and it gives me a chance to mingle and bond with other parents as well, which is cool. Apparently, co-op is very hard to get into coz of the waiting lists, so we count ourselves very blessed. I will bring Raeven in next Thurs ‘coz my driving exam is TOMORROW! Gosh, I’m nervous. Why am I nervous? I shouldn’t be nervous! I’ve been driving around the damn place for three weeks!

Aaaanyway, so my desktop has arrived. Tonight, gonna go shop for a desk to put it on. Hope Ikea has a cheap one. Furniture is freakin’ expensive here. Went to what was supposedly a furniture warehouse called Costco Home. Wasn’t cheap, nuh-uh.

Ok gtg. Inlaws probably ready to bail, left both girls with them for the morning. Slater!


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