Wrong timing

I’d just realised my blog was still on Malaysian time. Talk about observant.

All…two, of you, must wonder why I’m always blogging in the middle of the night or morning, pff.

Speaking of wrong timing – stiff old prudes won’t want to read this coming entry – my period came today. Planning ahead, I’d gone and bought some…you know. And guess what? Americans don’t really use sanitary napkins because there were like only two brands with two product types each, while there were aisles and aisles of tampons.

Now I’ve never used a tampon in my life. I actually never knew I was so old-fashioned until I was faced with the prospect of using huge, grandmother pads. So I went and bought myself a box of tampons.

That’s right. I’m 33 and have never used a tampon until now.

Hey, no need to go spread this around now. What are you, nine?

Anyway, tampons are decidedly very different creatures from pads. For one, I didn’t know tampons needed to be ‘applied’ instead of just worn. They have things called ‘applicators’. Sounds space-aged but it’s really just a cardboard tube that helps you insert the tampon in without feeling as though it’s the Invasion of the Cotton-tailed Alien each time you need to change. It felt a little odd at first, and I won’t say it didn’t cross my mind that the thing might get lost in there, but I have faith in 21st-century female hygiene products.

And I’ll have you know that the tampon is already a centuries-old invention.

I don’t know why I never gave them a chance until now. They’re just so much neater!


  1. Asther said

    Yes… definitely neater! I use it most of the time, especially when I need to get into the swimpool to teach or into the sea during my dive trips.

    One advice though… Best to change it constantly. Especially have a new one on b sleep at nite. Depending on your flow, if the things get all soaked up, it migh just “pop” out cos slippery. So, best to change often regardly if it’s fully soaked or not.

  2. Jo said

    aiyo!!! now only discover tampon… no virgin anymore… i’ve started using them since first year uni… never looked back since. well, u have to feel like a donald duck anymore.

    But watch out when ur flow is heavy cos i had a few encounters when it was oversoaked that my skirt got stained. For nite time, i normally go double protection, tampon and pad….

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