Never like the first time

Having found out that one of my oldest friends, Sue, just had a baby after what I understood has been a long and difficult journey, I could not help but think of how I felt when we first found out that I was pregnant. And when Raeven was born, there is nothing quite like the feeling of suddenly having someone who totally depends on you for its sustenance.

Comparing having my second baby with my first -and I know this sounds quite horrid – there’s nothing like the first time. Everyone’s excited. Curious. Everything feels new and different. You don’t know what to expect so you expect everything and nothing.

The second time around, everything is somewhat…dimmed. You TRY to drum up the feelings again, tell yourself it’s a miracle and everything. But you know it’s just fake. Been there, done that.

Not exactly fair to the little one but there it is.

Well, Skyler (my second), was born premature. So there was SOME drama. Not a whole lot, even though the drama that time was, I think, more deserved since it was a matter of life and death, but enough.

Remember this. The first time you have a baby will always be special, and you deserve to bask in its glory. You will feel envious of first-time mothers because you’ll never feel like that again.

So take your time, and enjoy it!


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  1. eddyhan said

    Haiyah Jenn…that day I came back but you went off liau. Saw your post about your exam. Grrrr…dont so kan ciong wei.

    GL next round. Everyone was talking about you in the office…:’)

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