Another weekend, another trip

Yesterday, all of us took a drive to Seattle, where we brought Raeven to the Children’s Museum at Seattle Center, right next to the Space Needle. Not a big museum, but Raeven had the time of her life, exploring little toddler-sized make-believe supermarkets and restaurants.

Now why don’t we have that in Malaysia? It was just so fun. There was one part where they remade mini-sized African, Japanese and Philippino homes, complete with couches and kitchens! So cool.

During the drive home, we also visited a beach park and man, was it cold. The wind chill was the killer, although the sun was shining and the thermometer said it was 4-5C, it felt more like 0!

Was supposed to go to Mt Rainier today for some snow but the in-laws are not feeling up to it, so we’re just going to drive to Kirkland, have lunch by Lake Washington or something and let the kids roll about in a park.

Today is also Superbowl Sunday! Seattle Seahawks are playing the Pittsburg Steelers so everywhere, you can see “Go Seahawks!”. Euphoria is really contagious, so we will be home to catch the game ourselves.

Have a good rest of the weekend!

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