Import bliss

Managed to import all my old posts from Blogger (since 2003), so woohoo. Although much of it is a bit screwy (titles are in numbers, with the real titles within the entries). Plus none of them are properly categorised, of course.

Still, it’s cool. Now my WordPress blog suddenly gained 2.5 years of memories!


  1. Your BIL said

    Hey Hey Jenn,

    Saw the Video. Really nicec ler! Wished I was there too.

    Got your HDD working yesterday and was browsing it and saw lots Raeven’s photos! You guys took gazillion photos man!!! But it was nice to remember the times when Raeven was only a few weeks old. She’s really cute! Making my eyes watery now.

    Anyways, do you still the information in the HDD? Am thinking of doing “Spring cleaning” and organizing it for some memory storage space. I think its bootable since it got WINDOWS OS in the C:\ drive, and theres plenty of games software installed.

    Cheers… Our blessing and Hi! to the gurls and my parents! 🙂

  2. jenntai said

    Only save the photos folderslah, the rest can clean. Maybe can burn into a disk and send to us? Thanks man hehe.

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