Making Love Happen

Valentine’s Day is coming. Lokes and I, we’re not big on such celebrations. We go out for dinner during our anniversary, and celebrate each other’s birthdays, but we never really celebrated this universal lovers’ day. I think back home, we went out some years with our friends Hazel and Darren for BKT, that’s all.

Not romantic but it was delicious.

This year, we thought since we’re in a new country and all, we’d go ahead and have dinner, maybe even take in a movie. Of course, I had to ask him to take me out. I’m not shy at all. That’s what happens with marriage (or maybe it’s just with mine). Hoping your man will by some miracle remember it’s a commercial ‘special day’ is hoping that he will start cleaning up after himself suddenly, or hoping he suddenly enjoys shopping.

A hint won’t suffice either. You will need plan it, arrange for babysitting and what not, check the listings for a movie or a restaurant. You gotta Make Things Happen.

Thing is, we have a ‘date Friday’. Once a fortnight, we’d go out, spend some quality time alone. Used to be Wednesdays but Friday’s just more fun, I guess.

Plus American Idol is on Wednesday nights, so cannot.

So JUST having dindin and a movie seems so…normal.

What else can a couple do on Valentine’s Day?

Alarmingly, I have no idea.

Share some?


UPDATE: I have to help Raeven make 17(!!) Vday cards for school on Friday. Talk about starting them early. Americans sure take this day seriously!


  1. Hazel said

    Hey! Remember the surprise at Eastin?? HAHAH tat was a good one!

    Anyways, I’m thinking of having maybe a 3-course dinner at home… with some wine. Not sure if my “neighbours” are up to babysitting, but as you know lah, going out for dinner on the actual day in M’sia is horrid, pay double the price and service sux…

    Yeah Jenn, the movie part sounds good!

  2. Asther said

    Hahaha… As I’m dating Loke’s bro, he’s pretty much the same in the ignorant-blurr category of men. I’ve yet to open my mouth about this year’s V-Day. Hoping we’ll do something nice together too. Problem is it’s on a Wed, so he might try to ‘escape’ with the excuse of work! 😦

  3. Jo said

    my most memorable one was when en you planned an amazing race for me that ended at Eastin. Remember i saw u there ?

    That was good cos it shows that he put a lot of thought and effort into it thought it wasn’t an expensive gift.

    For you, probably u could explore a new place together, a fireplace, some nice wine..

  4. Chong Yee said

    HOT SEX….. hahah 😀 too commercial

    hmm.. if kids are tagging along go to some nice cozy rest. and have a super meal.. hit home and cuddle up with family hahah (valentine for family!)

    if without kids, hit the movies, cuddle up some place quiet, have some makan and watch the stars dance in the skies. (i dont fancy restaurants during valentines since they might force u to take a set menu!) n stars are more bountiful – well u can see more in the skies than u do in malaysia 😉

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