All shot up

So the girls went for their first doctor’s appointment today, with a very pretty Dr Julie Wen. She’s so sweet and nice it just makes me want to sit her on my lap and stroke her hair.

Anyway, Raeven came away with one vaccination on her arm (or ‘shot’, as they say here) for Hep A, which is apparently quite a common thing here in Washington, and Skyler, poor thing, had FOUR.

Yes, FOUR. Two on her left thigh, one on her right and one on her left arm. Hep A, varicella for chicken pox, Hib for influenza and something called PCV to prevent bacterial meningitis.

Both girls were really good though. Raeven tried her best not to cry (since the nice nurse told her how brave she was so she couldn’t cry after THAT), and Skyler just screamed for a bit and then quietened down. Phew.

So anyway, doctor told me to wean both of them off the bottle. Apparently, kids above one year should not be drinking from bottles anymore because it’s bad for their teeth. Never knew that. My MIL is a little worried that they might stop drinking milk altogether but the prospect of rotten teeth scares her more har har.

We also found out that Raeven has a fused labia so now we have to apply vaseline to the area at night, and clean it with baby wipes to separate the labia after each toilet visit, if not she might get urinary tract infections.

Have some Tylenol ready, see if Skyler get a fever from all those shots. Hope not.

I must say that I came away rather impressed with the medical system here in the US. Because the girls were given their ‘well checks”, I was given a report card each of their health status, with what to expect for each of them and what I can do to help them develop optimally. Not only that, I was given reading material for each of their jabs, AND a dentist recommendation for Raeven!

I mean, it’s so hard to even GET a doctor in Malaysia to explain to you what the hell is going on with your own body – much less someone else’s, even if he/she might be your child. And here they have all these pamphlets and printouts all ready for you to take home. No need to ask ANYTHING. No need to Google anything. The doctor AND attending nurse also ‘grilled’ me on the girls’ food intake, habits, behaviors, so much it made me a little nervous if I was doing a good enough job!

As it turned out, everything was okay, thank God. Don’t want them to think we third world countries are THAT backward!

Anyway, so now all I have to do is to get them OFF them bottles. Hmm…any ideas, experienced mommies?



  1. simmie said

    I’m not a mommy and neither am I experienced but I do have some suggestions.

    Spill proof cups (also known as sippy cups)! They’re pretty easy to find and inexpensive. Get your girls involved by letting them pick out some cups with their favorite characters on it so they’ll feel ownership. Keep the bottles out of sight. They’ll forget about it eventually especially since they get to drink from a grown kids cup 😀

    There are many designs to choose from. Some of these cups have disposable valves. Some don’t. When your girls are ready, the sippy cups can be converted to normal drinking cups by removing the cover. Oh yeah, check the label to see if they’re dishwasher safe. Most of them should be. You can also get the walve cleaner attachement for your dishwasher so the valves will get cleaned properly and won’t go bumping all over your dishwasher.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Hazel said

    hey.. I was told by my chiropractor the same thing. Wean them off the bottle after they turn 1. Her twins (now 3 yrs +) has been drinking milk from the sippy cup first, then straw, now direct from cup. She advised me not to make the milk too warm, otherwise they will find excuse not to finish it. But at normal temp so that they can just finish the whole cuppa milk before they go off and do other things.

    She told me initially, the boys wanted something to suck on before sleeping, which was normally the bottle of milk, so she replaced it with a small bottle of water, so that they’d suckle on it… and go to sleep. After 3-4 weeks, she says that they were fully aware that no more milk from bottle.

    I might try weaning Ian off the bottle from next mth, then again, I have the grandparents saying the same as urs… “huh! they might stop drinking milk then…. ” I guess it’ll be easier for you as a SAHM, to wean the girls off…

    Now… I’ve gotta keep all the Avent milk bags that I’ve been “kumpul-ing” for my second one.

    Good luck!

  3. jenntai said

    OMG Haze!!! Congrats woman how come u din tell me??? Whatlar u! Come and comment on my blog and surprise!!! when are u due??

    Simmie, yea I know about them sippy cups. Raeven actually knows how to drink from a cup but she wants the bottle in the morn and at night for comfort…

  4. Asther said

    I still remembered how my mom got me off the bottle. She gently persuaded me that I’m getting too old to have the bottle. Yup… by just reasoning. She told me that I won’t be getting my bottle anymore and if I don’t cry, I’m a very good girl that mummy loves. That night, she hugged & slept with me (as I’ve been sleeping alone then). When I asked for the bottle again the next few days, she gave me milk in a cup & told me to drink up and I’ll get to eat chocolate! Hahaha… I was so easy, arent’ I? 😉 I think I was 3 yrs old then.

  5. simmie said

    oops…my bad

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