Driving through the countryside yesterday, Lokes and I began to notice that American businesses all use the same name generation engine.

Some of the more well-known names you might know are Walmart, Mattress King (or King Mattress), Home Depot, Best Buy, Sports World and so on.

Driving past a tarps business called Tarps World yesterday, I chuckled and asked, “Tarps World. What other names can you come up with to name your tarps-selling business?”

Tarps Depot. Tarps King. Tarpsmart. Best Tarps.

Tarps ‘R’ Us.

“That’s American for you,” laughed Lokes, as we went on and on, generating new names with the word “tarp” (which just makes a funny sound, doesn’t it?).

So if you ever want to open up a business here, selling say, chicken rice, you can use the same few words in front or at the back. I don’t have the programming affinity to write you an American Business Names Generator, but you won’t need it really ‘coz there aren’t many nouns that mean you’re the best place to eat chicken rice.

Chicken Rice Depot. Chicken Rice King. Chicken Rice Mart. Best Chicken Rice.

Chicken Rice ‘R Us.

You get it.


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