Never too old to do something new

Guess what?

Lokes and I had a crazy idea today.

And bought ourselves some inline skates.

We were at the harbor in Seattle today, near Alki Beach Park, and saw so many people leisurely skating. It looked so easy. And fun.

Of course, we were dead wrong.

Firstly, you need to use muscles to glide ever so gracefully. Muscles we clearly do not have. Muscles that are buried under approx. two inches of fat. Muscles which have been taking a long vacation and never intending to go to work again.

Secondly, your body mass above the ankles has to be under 120lbs to be able to balance on inline skates. It is scientifically impossible to place 300lbs on half an inch of rolling wheels each side! Skateboards on each foot would’ve been more realistic.

Thing is, I used to be able to do this. In fact, I was quite good.

Of course, I was half my size.

We promised each other that we will get through this, by hook or by crook. Practise each evening outside our house (after everyone’s gone to bed, of course) until we get it right. Unless someone out there, an expert in inline skating, tells us that we will need to lose half our weight for us to even attempt this.

Which is why we’ll also keep the receipt handy.



  1. Marauderz said

    Thank goodness for refundable purchases over there eh? But I think they wouldn’t accept a return of something that has visible signs of use.. or do they??

  2. Hazel said

    HAHA remember the park in Bandar Utama?

  3. eddyhan said

    Pads. And lotsa it! Most important. Especially the knees and elbows. *touches wood*

  4. jenntai said

    Marauderz, I don’t know but we’re gonna try LOL.

    Hazel, YEA EXACTLY! I told Lokes that experience, told him it’s not THAT easy.

    So we’re gonna go try and exchange them for roller derby skates (the old fashioned kind). They have cool sneaker RD skates here one. Check out

    Eddy, yea we have those. They help!

  5. Adrian said

    hmmm…. that might explain some of the tremors I felt over here šŸ˜›

    but honestly it’s all about balance, just keep at it. I’m a smidge under 200lbs and I can skate well enough (okay so maybe I do make the pot holes when I fall).

    BTW if you aren’t already aware inline skating improves cardio-vascular condition and lower body muscle (in short keep it up and you should see that 2″ of fat slowly dissapearing) šŸ™‚

  6. dreymie said

    does your insurance cover inline skating??

    i have a big scar on my left calf when i fell while skating in uni. could have sued them y’know. haha kidding.

  7. Jo said

    you were pretty good in roller skating i remember…. u still remember the time u hit your head at the roller skating rink in DR PArk…. U were so funny….

    THose were the good ol days….

  8. jenntai said

    Yea! Anyway, I changed my inlines for derby ones (the four wheels, two on each side kind). Can’t wait to try them out, but it’s threatening to snow!

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