More pics of Downtown Seattle

We visited the city again last Sunday, where Lokes took us to the harbor and Alki beach park (where we saw those inline skaters!).

More pics at if you click the pic…



  1. ken said

    Hi Jenn,

    Nice pic. Stumbled on your blog via petalingstreet. I moved back to Malaysia a year ago after spending the previous five in Seattle. Your pics and Mt. Rainier video brought back fond memories. 🙂

    The Malaysian Association of Seattle typically has two or three potluck picnics at one of the waterfront parks like Golden Gardens during the summer which are well attended and a bunch of fun, esp. for the kids.

    Feel free to drop me a line if you need tips to makan places etc. Got some Seattle-related pics at if you like to check them out.

    Good luck in Seattle, think you’ll enjoy it there.


  2. Janice said

    Hi Fer,

    Just saw the video…from home. If you are online at Mal time 9p.m – 12 a.m, do let us know. We can chat online between 11pm to 1a.m….we are online every night…msn, yahoo chat with webcam…see the girls….

    Do keep the updates coming in….

    Piu Cheh
    say hello to all over there…Eric says Loke Uei must be a very happy man now..haha…with the weather, places and everything

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