Too legit to fail

I passed my driving exam! With a 100 perfect score, no less!

Update (pic!):


The examiner was the same nice lady and she remembered me, so was extra nice. Told me I had aced all the other parts the other day so she won’t test me again! Just made me parallel park one more time, do a curb reverse and that was it! Isn’t that nice?


And you know what? It was just by the skin of the expiration date of my temp driving permit too.

Foreigners with a valid driver’s licence from their home country can only drive legally in the US for one month. We came here on 14 Jan 2006 and today’s the 15th of Feb!

Yes, I live dangerously!

Gosh, I was so afraid that I couldn’t even go to the exam this morning. Weather forecasts were brutal last night about how things would go this morning. Turns out to be a beaoooootiful day!

Bad news: Rae caught the cold I was afraid would come since a boy sneezed on her last Friday at school. So now she’s stuffed full of Sudafed and what not to help stop the thing on its tracks, if possible. Would hate for her to miss school tomorrow!

Friday might be a snow day so might have no school then, and that would make a week without school – and she JUST started!

Now Lokes is paranoid that the whole house will also kena so I basically stocked up at Bartell’s Drug store. 1000mg Vit C fizzy drinks for us grownups, Vit C strips for the kids. And I also got sunnies that can fit over my glasses! Yes, they sell those here. I mean, I was wondering when someone would actually invent these and turns out, they’ve been around for AGES in the US. How come nobody imported them to Malaysia?! They look great too. Will take a pic once cam charges up.

One other thing: I have to donate something over $30 for the school fund raiser. I am wondering if they’ll take my long formal coat. Have only worn it once…

Oklah lunch time. Slater guys!



  1. robot said

    I’m sure you guys are wondering what the Sunnies gotta do with the Flu Medicine..

    me too!! 😛

  2. jenntai said


    Those darn impulse point of sale placementslah. The sunnies were right next to the vits!

    Maybe people who take vits like to buy sunnies, who knows.

  3. Marauderz said

    sunnies that fit over glasses?? Errr.. clip ons??? or something else.. something more exqusite??

  4. frosty said

    Gracies muncho… Jenn… So now u get to ride the Santa vehicles.

  5. Asther said

    Bravo! 😉

    Miss you all…

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