Brrrreeeport indeed

Except that I actually DO know what brrrreeeport means:

I report that it’s BRRRRR cold outside. Ambitiously took the girls outside. Scooted back in under five minutes.

Don’t be deceived by the sunny.

Or Google.



  1. mankydown said


  2. Asther said


    Hey… I prefer the template you used before this one. With picture on top, etc. 😉

  3. eddyhan said

    Did you know the office aircond was down last week? Can die. How BRRRR is BRRRRR?

    BTW, uncle Paul asks for you! BUAHAHAHAHah!

  4. Omg, does he even know I don’t work there anymore?

    It’s -ve 3 or 4!! Even with sun, bcoz of the wind.

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