Exploring Housewifehood, tip #02

The Avent bottle brush: Not just for bottles!

Now I’ve used a LOT of different sponges and brushes and brush-sponges, but never one that’s as good as the Avent bottle brush.

I use it for my plates, bowls and especially for cleaning sharp things like knives and my blender, and even Teflon-coated stuff like woks and pots – works beautifully because the bristles are soft, yet firm enough to remove grime and grease. Best part is, because it’s made for bottles, the bristles at the tip of the brush are great for any deep-ended things like cups and glasses.

Also great for curved surfaces so you don’t really have to twist the brush around too much, but just sweep it left and right!

Having owned this for almost a year, it’s still in good condition because it’s made of sturdy plastic, not the cheap kind that will fray with a bit of abuse.

Highly recommended even if you’re not a mommy!

I got mine from Babyland in SS2 last time, brought it with me to the US. Not cheap though (US$5 here, think I got it for RM13 if I remember correctly), but worth every penny!


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  1. Hazel said

    yeah! I swear by this brush. Used Avent bottle brush since Ian was born. Especially the other end of the brush, fits perfectly into the teats!

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