Going all Thelma and Louise…

Some pics of our visit to a shooting range in Bellevue called Wade’s today. Was quite an experience for me, since it was the first time I ever held and fired a gun. I’ve ‘practised’ plenty on Counter-Strike and other FPSes but you know what? The real thing is far scarier. And louder.

For one, bullet shells keep flying at you. A few actually hit my head when I held the gun a little higher. They don’t hurt but being pinged a few times with hot metal and you wonder if one would actually blind you but for your protective glasses.

Secondly, the fear of the recoil taking your left thumb off if you forget to hold the gun properly is sort of horrid. What a dangerous sport.

Of course, there’s the fear that someone goes nuts in the range and starts spraying. They don’t give you bullet-proof vests in there!

Well, as I’d said to Lokes, if he does decide to buy a gun (against my better judgment and the fact that Washington has some of the most lax gun control laws in the US doesn’t help), I would know how to load and use it against uninvited guests.

More importantly, I’d be able to say, “Stop! I have a gun and I know how to use it!”, and actually mean it. ‘Coz imagine what would happen if I actually said it with the chamber exposed and unloaded (and was none the wiser)?

That would be tragically funny.

Thanks baby. Let’s do it again!

(more pics at Flickr)



  1. Asther said

    Cool… Maybe one day darling Francis will bring me to the shooting range too!

  2. Marauderz said

    I remember when Lokes brought me to the shooting range the shell flew into my glasses! Weren’t wearing them googles. Luckily I didn’t get burnt or anything.


    Why buy a gun?? A Tazer is SO MUCH COOOLEEERRR!!! And more or less safer! 😛

  3. robot said

    lol. i’ll be more inclined to shoot someone with a taser than with a gun. at least you know the chances of killing someone is so much less, you’ll probably pull the trigger.

    also, you can’t get the satisfaction of hearing a shell eject and hit the floor. 🙂

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