Update on Skating Under the Stars




Lokes finally got the WD40 equivalent today and my derby rollers got a new lease on life, as they glided smoothly, with me precariously on top. Fell down once though, and on my knees.

I’m sure I busted them back in the day (when I went skating daily at one of those disco skating rinks in Ipoh, my hometown) so that was a sore reminder, literally. Wonder when they will finally give up on me. Hopefully only when I’m voluntarily confined to a wheelchair, after Segway perfects that motorised thingamajig that climbs hills and what not.

In one month, Lokes promises, we will be skating hand in hand at the Harbor. Now that’s ambition. Until then, we will still skate only when it’s dark so nobody can see two overweight idiots falling on their behinds, creating potholes on their nice neighborhood roads.

With all these activities, you must be wondering what happened to the kids. They’re fast asleep. THIS is why they should be in bed by 7pm!    



  1. robot said

    Ning, tell them where you skated back in Ipoh. What Kompleks again? hahahahha

  2. Kompleks Teh Leng Seng rotfl

  3. robot said

    That must be the most Beng place to go Roller Skating. lol

  4. Marauderz said

    Remember if you fall.. fall forwards, wear the appropraite forward fall protection. Falling forwards always hurt less than backwards, after face planting in both directions on my Heelys before I know!! 😛

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