A minute of appreciation

If there is one attribute that I truly admire in my husband, it is his ability to answer my most complex (and idiotic) questions about technology, in the simplest of ways.

Like the other day, I asked him what Web 2.0 was. He then asked me how I would describe the Internet to one such as his dad or mom, i.e. people of a different generation. I answered, “A vast library of information.”

“How would you describe IP addresses?”

“The space where each book occupies in that library.”

He then explained to me that Web 2.0 was a much more intelligent library, where information was stored in such a way that you could cross-reference everything WITHIN each book. And the ‘book’, for lack of a better analogy, can also anticipate what you want to know, and through cross-referencing with other books, can push the information to you.

As if what’s happening on the Net today isn’t already amazing. You can look up anything you want today online, much of it thanks to Google. Have a pain on your knee? Need to find what daun kesum is in English and then where to buy ’em in the US? How about a little entertainment for free?

And I love the Net for its wonderfully bizarre stuff, like this which led to this.

And man, do I love Google. I love my Google homepage. I love that it has goofy things like my Google eyes and my Internet Slang translator.

Okay, enough gushing. Time for bed.


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